Sword of Khaine

Sword of Khaine
(Games Workshop)
Finished: August 2012
Painting Level: Showcase
Metallics: TrueMetal
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Aenarion, the phoenix king, was the only one who got the Sword of Khaine and with this power he destroyed the invasion of Chaos. But after this started the civil war between the Elves.
All his progeny, Malekith, Tyrion and Teclis, received the Bane of Aenarion.

Everybody views the Sword of Khaine differently, a fragment of the god Khaine´s sword blade, and whoever gets it throws a great evil
Malekith sees a scepter and that he could rule over Ulthuan and gain the phoenix throne.
Tyrion sees a sword and that he could destroy all without the High Elves.
Teclis sees a book and that he could obtain all the knowledge of the world.

In the diorama you can see the visions of each character in front of their feet. The visions were painted in some layers in two component water and they have a 3D effect.


Work in Progress Pictures

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