New Year's resolutions: Part2

Hello painters out there,

It´s time to work on my second New Year's resolutions: Finishing something!
One of my bad characteristics is to start a lot of projekts,... it`s time to finish them!

The duty I adjust to miself:

Finish every month for at least 1 projekt!

Yesterday Malekith visited me for a small time and show me a nice technic to paint a cool Tabletopstandart for armys, so I set me a second duty: 

Finishing my orkarmy this year!

 Here a picture of the ork painted by Malekith...

...and here the army I want to paint like this ork.

 So much to do this year. Time to start painting right now.
Enjoy happy painting.

... third duty, buy a new camera! Mobil phone pictures are crap ;-)


  1. A huge ToDo list. I wish you good luck for your plannings. And hope you share all of your Works with us ;)