New project...

So, 2013! new year new projects!

As i promised my friend Ischa to get out of comfort zone a bit it means no Nurgle or undead, boo-hoo... Im painting a space marine dreadnought for the first time in my life, woo woo! its the forgeworld contemptor dread, and yeah, have to make him Ultra marine of course, if im painting marine im going all in ;)

I want to make something different as all people seem to weather these machines to death and go nuts with battle damage im going for a super clean look; no/not much weathering, chipping or drooling of blood on this one!

The body is still very wip but im slowly getting there.


  1. Superb blending. That is a dreadnought though right? Otherwise you just urinated on my megre painting efforts and I might just give up this hobby altogether, haha.

  2. Damn good work my swedish friend! :D Looking forward to see more, and please paint fast!

  3. This is really great any chance of a "how to guide?"

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