Little update and more kickstarters

2013 so far hasnt really been my year. Me, the mrs and jr has been sick constantly in differernt colds/flus/stomach diseases which has make the life somewhat miserably lately. still I guess I should be happy there are nothing serious but more just annoying sickness, so on with it!

Painting time has been even more limited lately because of that mentioned above so unfortunately there are no huge update, im still pimping the contemptor. senmm is tricky and i had to repaint areas where the sky/earth turned out wrongly as the torso will be lending forwards a bit.

Hopefully i can speed things up a bit soon! :)

Finally an update of some miniature kickstarters up and running right now.

* Darklands. Mierce Miniatures, some cool post-maelstrom stuff.
* Egyptian Harem Girls 28mm well, not much more explenation needed.
* Wonderlands project got some reeeeeaaaallly nice demon miniatures, those (french?) guys are very talented sculptors and im sure this campagn will be successful.
* Midgard RPG miniatures got some really wierd and cool stuff up. ends Jan 21st, so hurry hurry!