Heyhey people out there.


the year of the miniature, as Zaphod called it :) So let us try to bring all possible honour to our miniatures and ideas.

I am back at blogging. I am back at painting. I am back at creating. Back wherever I was missing the last couple of months. Our house, and changing life in another village took all my time and power. But now things are running and we can offer more time in things we like to do.

So 2013 will be a very exciting year for me. My plans include Duke of Bavaria, GamesDay, travelling to Stockholm, turkey, UK and India. I want to bring my first patent on it`s long way. I want to start a company, ...another company ;) and I want to bring much time in gettin better in miniature painting. So the plans are full. Lets get it on.

Read you soon

Greets Julius


  1. Happy new year and Welcome back!
    Hope we have a great time together :-)
    GamesDay are one of my plants to, hope to meet you there.

  2. eh why stockholm, go to Goteborg instead! :) hope to meet up at gamesday at least, you too Dellolyn. happy 2013!