Tutorial checkout #2 colour decanting

Hey there,

this time I tryed a tutorial by a great painter you all know, Malekith from the dimension.
As a point of my "to-do-list" colour decanting was my next step.

Here you can find the Tutorial by Malekith english/deutsch.

I used the bottles of Vallejo and I'm very positive surprised of them.
First I trying exactly like the tutorial to do but without the gloves ( I have to feel what I do :-) ).
My first experience was that the new GW colours are to vicous to decanting with a chute, so I try second time without.

Malekith told me also to put a drop of "Sidolin streifenfrei" (window-cleaner of alcohol-basis) or "Tamiya Thinner" (X-20A) into the new GW colour because of the new desiccanting retarder.
And don't forget the agilatorballs.

Because I wouldn't create me new labels for all my colours I tryed another way. I carefuly stripping of the original label from GW and put them at the new bottle. A little drop of glue at the end of the label,perfect :-) (red circle).

My result:

Closing words:
Colour decanting is very useful if you like to have a clean organised workspace and if you warking with a wetpalett. For fast basepainting it is a must have!
Another positive thing is, you only have one typ of bottle so you only need one typ of bottleholder/-rack. With the agilatorballs you also have a better mixed colour and dosn't waste so much of them.

And don't forget:
How many time do you have for painting? We need your opinion! Let us know, how much it is and KLICK HERE!


  1. This is GLORIOUS!

    Will share in the next couple of days!

    Hoopy Holidays!

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

  2. Funny,

    I did exactly the same some weeks ago. I ordered a big bunch of empty vallejo bottles at our local gaming store, they are in fact not much more expensive than this big packages of cheap bottles you get at ebay. Works perfect. But I think you dont need glue to hold the GW labels, in my case after removing them from the old bottles they still stick pretty well...

    in any case, great improvement. the gw bottles suck!

    What this method really makes you realize, how much better the gw colors are but how much more paint is in the vallejo bottles.


  3. [Sorry, someting went wrong before]

    Hey Dellolyn,

    interesting thing! :)

    I dont know why nobody is mention it, but some english grammar for you to fix: "desiccating" without a N after the A.
    And I dont know agilatorballs? I think you mean "agitator".
    And "decanting" isn't correctly too, simply "decant".

    So. enough teaching today. :)

    Hoffe Du hast mich nicht flasch verstanden. :) Alles nur zum Besten.

    Grüße und viel Erfolg weiterhin

    1. something* ;) sorry. Meine Tastatur mag mich heute nicht.

    2. Kein Ding, man lernt nie aus^^

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