The working painter #1 To-do-list

Hey there,

last week I talked a long time with Malekith about painting techniks, groundwork, workspace, etc...
After thinking about all the information crowd into my head I start writing the first "the working painter"- post, my "to-do-list"
The idea of "the working painter" is to establish a basis for using small periods of time for painting without wasting time for preparation your workspace every time. I working mostly 50 hours a week so there isn't many time to paint. And mostly I thinking that the small period of time isn't profitable to preparate my workspace,sit down and paint, so I do other thinks.
"The working painter" would be a collection of post what to do if you would like to use this small periods of time clever to finish your Miniatures which waiting so long for this ;-)

The list isn't ready yet, so the list will be updatet every later "the working painter post"
I began with the first step:

1. workspace
  • cleaning up your workspace
  • organizing your workspace/working tools
  • colour decanting
  • choose a place for work in progress 
  •  something in reach to play inspiring music, IMPORTEND!!! ;-) be continued.

And here even more a video I've seen long time ago but every time a got motivation.
 Have a great time trying this :-)

Don't forget:
How many time do you have for painting? We need your opinion! Let us know, how much it is and KLICK HERE!

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