Projekt: 40k Ork Bigmek (Part 2)

Good morning out there,

here are the following steps of my Bigmekprojekt.

Every first step, fixing a based mini on a round socket with pattafix.
After this I began to paint the basic colors wet in wet with a lighter and a darker tone of my choosen color. For the orkskin ich choose waaagh flesh (citadel-new) and warboss green (citadel-new).
Next step is the prepairing for the weathering on the metalparts.
First color is scorched brown (citadel-old) painted covering with a brush.

I dabed the second color bestial brown (citadel-old) with a little peace of rubber foam in smaler areas directly on the scorched brown groundcolor.

When the color is dry, it's time for the third one, I use dwarf flesh(citadel-old). Dabed in a smaler area then the second color.

At leased I dabed liquid mask (vallejo) on the three colors. Its importend to dab the liquid mask ONLY on the places where the three colors at!
Then the groundwork for the weathering is done. Going on painting the mini ;-)

Till now I doing the groundwork on the leather with the same methode I painted the orkskin. Lightest color is a mix of scorched brown, snakebite leather(citadel-old) and graveyard earth(citadel-old) at the rate of "1:3:1", darkest color a mix of scorched brown and graveyard earth "1:1".

The color of the hair is stil a experiment, Lightest color enchanted blue(citadel-old), the darkest color a mix of mordian blue(citadel-foundation-old) and little peace chaos black(citadel-old) "5:1".

To be continued...

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