Miniaturesafe by Crazywenky

Hi there Transportaholics!

Today I would like to present you my new small helper to bring my figures safely from A to B. Last week I buyed it at the new onlineshop of Crazywenky (I lost some words about in the last Bloggernews) I'm talking about the Miniaturesafe 'Mini'.

At first please let me say, that his 'customer service' is on a very high level. I got for every question on my part a fast and good response and the payment and delivery of the safe was quick and uncomplicated too. Thanks for that Mr. Crazywenky :)

What I got for my money is a very recommendable transport system for my minis AND a cool garage for my WIPs!

Quality: The workmanship of the wooden parts looks very high. The edges and cornes have a pleasent surface, also the other parts of the wood. What I realy like is the massive hand grip. It's a good feeling even if I carry the box around, it gives me the feeling that my small soldiers are save inside.

Size: I choosed the small one, because it's enough for me. There are not so many occassion, where I have to transport a lot of my minis, such as competitions. I need it more to transport one or two, maybe three figures to a painting session in the city and back. But there is much more space. In the best way you can place up to five or six minis with sockets in the box! There is enough space for it.

Insights: The plate where you place the minis on it, for example with 'Patafix' has a very good quality too. There are no hard edges on it, and you can pull or push it very smooth insight or outside the Safe. But I think it could be a good idea, if there could be an evantuality for two or three levels of high for the plate. With that is could be possible to use the unused space in the safe too. But maybe it's just a bad and wasted mind by my part :)

Color/Design: Originally I would buy the safe with the flamed wooden parts, but at the order I forgot to choose the right color option. I was my fault. But im happy about the mistake, because now I have a big plain surface. There is a lot space for paintings, stickers, poems, draws or what ever :) The Design of the safe is .... okay, it´s a wooden box. It´s hard to write something about good design of a wooden box^^. Let me try it: The lines are clear and smooth. It´s hard to discribe, but the safe doesn´t looks heavy. Do you know what i try to say?

Benefits: The first benefit is very clear. You can transport the minis safely (assumed you  fixed them good with the Patafix). But additionally there is an other great benefit for myself. Usually after painting on my workbench, the unfinished miniatures stay back on the table without any protection. I have two cats, which are very active in the night. Sometimes they run and jump like a pogostick around the flat. I love them so much, but I´m always afraid that they collid with my WIPs on the table. But now the minis have a home. The safe stand up directly on my table, and after a paint session it´s like a garage for the minis. The cats can run and jump, and I could have a good sleep if they don´t run over me at night as well!

I´m very happy about the miniaturesafe, and I´m looking foward to see the next cool stuff by Crazywenky!


  1. wow thanks for that review :D im really happy to see that you have fun with your box!

    Manu aka CrazyWenky

  2. I ordered mine this week. Cant wait to receive it.

    Tartan Paint Studios