Fraser Island and rusty Inspirations

Hey Painting Dudes! 

Almost one year ago I was ~17.000 kilometers far away from Germany. On my small trip around the world (if you don´t know, what I´m talking about klick HERE) there were a lot of beautiful places. I the next weeks, I would like to show you with some words about it, and more than this with pictures some of those lovely places.  Let´s begin with:

Fraser Island (K’gari)
The Fraser Islands (earlier Great Sandy Island) is located at the east coast of Queensland, Australia. It´s an Island with 1840km² and so the largest sand island in the world. The aborigine name of the isle is K´gari, and it means so much as 'Paradise'. Since 1992 it is an UNESCO-World heritage. 

On the island are a lot of wunderfully things to see. There are lakes with the clearest water I never seen before, free living Dingos, a beautiful fauna and sand, sand and more sand :)

We stayed there for two days, and one thing was very impressive for me as a miniature painter.

"A major landmark of Fraser Island is the shipwreck of the S.S. Maheno. The S.S.Maheno was originally built in 1905 in Scotland as a luxury passenger ship for trans-Tasman crossings. During the First World War the ship served as a hospital ship in theEnglish Channel, before returning to a luxury liner. In 1935, the ship was declared outdated and on 25 June 1935 the ship was being towed from Melbourne when it was caught in a strong cyclone. A few days later, on 9 July 1935 she drifted ashore and was beached on Fraser Island. During the Second World War the Maheno served as target bombing practice for the RAAF and was used as an explosives demolition target by special forces from the Fraser Commando School. The ship has since become severely rusted, with almost three and a half storeys buried under the sand."

I think I don´t need any more words, if you see the next pictures. Enjoy the rusty show, and let your minds free with some words after it with a comment!

If you want more about the sandy island, go to: or in german under


  1. Very inspiring! (link to trip is missing in first section ;))