Circle of fire - Part 1

In German we say "Advent Advent ein Lichtlein (Tzeentch) brennt" - "Advent advent a candle (Tzeentch) is burning.

I want to show you how I start a bigger conversion and I want to give you every Advent a new update :). If I had an idea I search for some bitz and use "patafix" to fix the components. If its work then I start with the modelling :).

I was inspirated by asjarras youtube channel. He used for his amazing dynamic conversion a circle. Now I want to make something in this way and my idea is a circle of fire. My first two dynamic projects was Morathi and Nagash so I hope I can make a better one :)!

Want you see are the first steps of my project. I want to chance the chain mail to a robe with hood. For the base I want to build something like

I hope you like my idea and its a pleasure if you have more ideas for me.


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