Bloggernews #4: Samurais, Demons, Leather and the chef

Hello my friends!

It´s very busy in the last days. It´s christmas time. I hope you can enjoy it like me ;) All the shopping centers are fully packed. Everybody is stressed an nervous. But usally the christmas time should be a quit, contemplative and familary time in the end of the year. For me it´s not possible to bring you all parts of it, but maybe you have some minutes to dive into an other world - our world! The fantastic place of painting. To compress your valuable time it´s time for new Bloggernews. So enjoy!

Samurai deluxe:
In these days, there are  a lot of nice Predator conversions all around. Last week I found my favourite on CMON. For me the colors are awesome! The whole concept is very convincing and the works of Brian885 are very special in my eyes. I can´t read anthing on his blog (because it´s chinese) but the pictures speaks for themself. For more amazing works take a look on the overview.

It´s back!:
Maybe you heared the sad news about the abandoned webpage about all Golden Demon Winners. Fortunately Volomir himself will take it over, and keeps the webpage alive. Thanks for that Volomir! 
For more information about his doing, go to his blog. Maybe you are the one who have more information about lost names and unkonw winnig contributions of the last GD!

Through a post on from our ex-member Arne (Sleipnir), I came to a nice tutorial how to do crackle-leather. Thank for that bro!

Take a view on it under:

The kitchen:
Do you know the artistic and fantastic works of Raffa Coll? He´s an artist from spain, and one of his doings impressed me very well. You should take your cooking apron and visit Raffa in his kitchen ....

When we talk about famous and great artists, we have to take a look on Julien Casses blog! His famous work like 'War for Macragge' are an exmaple for epic works. But he is able for the small things too, and so he did a small and illustrated tutorial about rocks last month. but I realy recommend you: Check the whole blog!

Sunshine & Metal:
Almost she impressed me with her lovely style and creativity. Every new project from Serafin is very fresh and without any bias. Even more I like her nice conversion with an ordinary bust socket. Check out the two parts of doing, and don´t miss to follow her blog for the future!

Enjoy your day, your week, and a lovely christmas time!

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