Workshop review #1 Oger workshop with Pascal Urgiero

Hello panters out there,

here finally is the reviewe ot the Oger workshop with Pascal. (CMON)
First Pascal send us a tutorial to prepair the Oger for the workshop.

Here some pics of mypreparatory work.

The workshop began 10:00 in the "morning" ;-)
Let us begin! First, time to prime the minis!

Hier are some of Pascals minis to see how it could look like. Especially the five terminatoren (GD Einheiten 40k Gold 2012)

Show us the magic of paint!

Part 2: theory, learn new technicshand how to use them.

 ...some examples (I realy like the skaven painted by Pascal^^)

Part 3: Pascal show us the first of his technics step by step.

...then try it by yourself. little one :-)

....Time to break and have some lunch ;-)

 Next steps: tow technics, theory, showing step by step, try by yourself.

And here are our results. We all did a great job! 

At this time I want to say a big THANKS! to Pascal for this brilliant workshop.
I realy enjoyed the time and learned a lot of great technics.

All I can say, if you got the chance to paint with Pascal an visit one of his brilliant workshops, don`t miss it!

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