Welcome to the new one in the dimension: Michael aka "Dellolyn"!

Hey Paintaholics!
In the Bloggernews#2 I did a advance notice about a new member in our dimension community, so on would   like you to introduce 'the new one'!

Hey Michael! Welcome to the 5-th-dimension. It's a pleasure for us to have you on board. At first please tell us some facts about yourself. Where are you from, where do live now and how old are you?
Hi Siggi! I'm feeling happy about to become a part of the 5-th-dimension. I was born at 3th october 1981 in Hermeskeil a village in Rheinland/Pfalz, Germany near the boundaries to Luxemburg and France. I still live a few kilometers away in a small village called Prosterath. I just married my dream girl this august. We just want wait with kids a little time.

How long are you in the hobby and what was the main event to start with it?
 8 years ago (in summer 2004), I saw two guys playing an interesting game in a shop in Hamburg. 6 years later I remembered on this moment an started to search the web for informations. I found out that the game they played was a game by Games Workshop. I'm a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkin, so I bought the Lord of the Rings starter box the same week. Because no one near me played this game too, I switched with the release of Warhammer fantasy rulebook edition 8 to this game. After some visits at GW-shop Trier I want to wasting some time there on a saturday afternoon. The shop was closed but I remembered an other small shop near this I also saw this little miniatures. This was the first time I enter the Spielbar Trier and met Pascal. He shows me some of his great minis. After this, all what I could say was "show me how to paint like this."
Veteran-Cybot, painted by Dellolyn
Do you remember on your first miniatures and where are they now?
Yes I do very well. The little goblins from the LotR-starter box. First mini I every paint, a goblin like the LotR-startbook told to paint them. The box with all minis of the LotR-start are still standing in my paintingroom and waiting to get finished. But I save my first works exactly like how they are to remember me how I began painting minis.

Please tell us your way, your doing in the hobby since you join it until now.
First I started painting the minis like GW told to do it in the starterbook and tutorials in the White Dwarf magazine. Later Pascal told me in his shop what to do to become a better result. The "holy" wetpalette! Since that day I'll never miss the wetpalette. Workshops with Pascal about wetblending, skin, weathering, airbrush, NMM and other followed. Also an basing workshop with Simon aka Katan. My painting skills become better and better and I'm still learning something new each time I visit the next workshop.

Was there a big event in all the way, what you can't forget?
The Gamesday 2012, especially the Golden Demon. It was the first time I ever saw so many inspiration work and painters at one place. The small workshops presented by painters from massivevoodoo and friends bring it to the top.

Do you more like to paint, or are you more focused on basing or the production of the whole, do you like to build huge scenes or more the small things, or, or, ....?
I mostly like to create a story. This story can be told by a small single miniature like my "veteran" cybot back from war or by a big scene with many figures like the graveyard fight by jarhead. A funny small detail mostly telling more than an army of figures.

What is your favourite color and why?
There are many colors I like to work with but if I had to choose only one it would be Darkseablue by Vallejo. It is the perfect shading tone, it's also a dark blue tone for NMM steal, realistic skin in elbows,etc. 

Do you prefer any miniatures, or any companies in that?
I didn´t prefer a special company. I prefer different thinks from different companies for example the color "clear red" by Tamiya (mixed with al little peace of black by GW for true blood). Miniatures I choose for example on the basis of the details and dynamic, not the quality of the casting because every mini must be reworked to get better results. But for all, the best looking miniatures for me sold by GWand Privateer Press apart for few exceptions.The colors of Vallejo are my favorites by the reason of the useful bottle but some by GW are my favorites too because of the color itself.

Do you play tabletops or any other 'fantastic' games?
WHF and WH40k are realy great games. I play them both every chance I get for it. The perfekt pastime for a boring rainy sunday.
The first army of Michael
Please give notes (like school) to the terms:
Fantasy: if 1 is the best and 6 the worst fantasy get an perfect 1!
Steampunk: 2, colorful but not so realistic
SiFi: 2, everything could be, nice for inspritaions
Orcs: a big GREEN 1! I like them realy. Big, strong and funny stupid ;-)
Elves: 3, clean and beautiful. Boring to play bit nice to paint.
Chaos: 2, nice to play and every a got idea to try somesthing new. In case of emergency, "...there was everywhere blood, I swear!"
Good guys: 4, boring
Bad guys: 1, I like chaotic asshole-heros
There are more companies than GW: 1, amen! There are so many great minis, just search CMON and paintingblogs like the 5-th-dimension to find them. Don´t be shy and ask how you can get them if you see a great miniaturen.
"my preciuos!": 1, if it means "ardently loved". My preciuos is definitive my "veteran" cybot. Whatever which miniature you choose,make it unique your own stil!

Michael, i know that you are build your own sockets for the minis. Please tell us why, how and where you do it and if there are more ideas and plans for the future?
Why? Because I can! ;-) When you search the web you will find so many shops to buy sockets, but it will be ever the same one in different sizes. I try to build them extraordinary and extravagant, simply "new". I’ve an own cabinetmaker`s workshop at home. If I get the time, I`m there and give my ideas a body. I have a little book where I write down my Ideas. Later in the workshop I pick one idea out of my book an try to build it. Three of this Ideas I reserved for my first three Golden Demon contributions.

How do you found the way to the 5-th-dimension?
I incidentally found the 5-th-dimension in the web by searching tutorials. I bookmarked the blog and visit regulary the site since that day.

Why you decided to join us and why do you not start your own blog?
As I decided to post my experience in the web,first I deliberate to create my own blog. I ask my self: “Isn`t it better to join a community, support and learn from them,or should I create my own blog?” I decided to support and learn in the 5-th-dimension community. I feel very happy you told me I get the chance to be a part of the team. 

Dellolyn ... where was your nickname born?
I search for a nickname that was unique in the web. I type free and try to read. The result was “Dellolyn”.

Do you have any ideas about your first posts on the blog? What could we expect from Michael aka Dellolyn as a member in the 5-th-dimension?
My first post would be a report about the next workshop called “Oger” by Pascal at the Spielbar Trier this weekend. What could you expect from me? I consided the last days a lot about this question an found some answer.

• I try to get you an insight how to creat an modify sockets. I would show you the different ways to form and design bases. 

• “Tutorials checkout”, I search the web for tutorials or you send me one you like and I check them for you and post my experiance and results. 

• One of my favourite themes also would be “the working painter”. Fast get great results in short time, and many more...
A new project .....

Any last words for the interview and any first words to our followers?
Hope we have a good time together. If you have good ideas for creative sockets or questions feel free to contact, I try to build/answer them. With the words of an great painter: ”Enjoy happy painting” (MV, jarhead) 

Thanks a lot Michael! I´m sure we have a great time together :) So thanks again for joining us, and we are looking foward to read you here!