Tutorial checkout #1 Instand Mold

Hi out there,

it's time to post the first tutorials checkout, Instand mold

I found the tutorial on CMON a few month ago. Instand mold is a nice tool to copy contours and simple items.

 I tryed to follow the tutorial step by step, exactly the same way like the man in the video.

- The first experience was using water slightly off the boil to softing the instand mold.
I used a normal electric kettle to head the water and filling it directly in a plastic bowl in addition to the mold.

- Becouse of the copyrights only self created or sculpted peaces allowed to copy. I build my seven different bases for an armee, and try to copy them with the instand mold. I used yellow milliput as putty.
 I was positive surprised of the result. I used the same molds for over 60 bases and the last base was accurate like the first one. The mold dosn't vary, dosn't brake, dosn't lose the details.


- next time i build the bases cleaner. Every little crack would be copyed.
- it's importend to dose the putty correct. This is wat you get if you use to much putty.
-I had to rework all bases and cut ting off the excess sludge.

Closing words:

Instand mold is a perfect tool to copy easy forms like bases, Sholderarmoricons, Shieldemplems,etc.
You cant copy hole miniatures or complex items because the mold isn't flexible when its bonded,
also it isn't allowed.


 I would be delighted if you comment a school grade for the instand mold :-)


  1. If you want to safe a LOT of money, you dont buy instamold but glue sticks for hot glue guns. You might have to experiment with brands a little (pattex worked fine with me), but its basically the same thing - and works just fine :)

  2. Thanks for the nice tut.

    @ Zaphod: Thanks, its nice to know and I want to test it :).