Return of the living death! Zombies!!!

Hey my hopefully uninfected friends!

Halloween is gone, but there are some things in town, which we can´t escape! There are everwhere!

Since January 2011 I have followed a very cool thread on It´s the building of a huge dioarama in a big city with a small hand of survivors. And a lot of Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!!!

The thread shows the the building of the scene from the beginning. The founder of the thread is named VoodooRacer and he shows a good way of doing a huge  project in this sice.  Unfortunately it´s all in german, but there are a lot of pics, which you can consider without a regestration in the forum. Enjoy the Zombie survival and klick HERE!

The Zombiefever infected me, and as I visited a small cool boardgame and toyshop near Südstern in Berlin ( last week. I found this:

In the next days I´m going to invite some friends to kick some undeads out of town!  But i hope we can keep all our limbs for that. A small review of the gameplay will follow.

Do you need more inspirations for you next projects? Check out the huge gallery from the ArtCollecter on facebook.  You can find some cool pics like these there:

If you have more funny and bloody zombiestuff, let us know it with a comment!

And if you go out on the streets tonight, keep your eyes open for brainless humans with pieces of flesh in their faces ;)


  1. Hey, what about the first 5th dimension painting contest?
    Paint a Zombie-Apkalypse survivor!


  2. Good idea! I think it´s time for a painting contest ;)