As kickstarters seems to be the shit nowdays here's a little list on some interesting running at the moment. If you feel sad not finding anything to spend your precious money on now when christmans is comming up...

  • Kingdom death, the game kickstarter. probably need no introdiction, controversial and debated minis and honestly, with a few exceptions, not my cup of tea. and kickstarter seems to do very well so they dont really need my cash anyway.
  • Blackwater Gulch. Seems to be a pretty cool western themed miniature game. ending soon.
  • Games and gears. Gaming boards. For gamers, by gamers...
  • Damsels of Darkmyre. If you are into "badass girls with big boobs" themed miniatures then this is a kickstarter for you. only computer generated images (and good ones!) of the miniatures so far though, so no real idea how they will look irl.
  • Imbrian Art kickstarter, now this is a kickstarter ill probably invest in. only four miniatures so far but holy moly such miniatures! Just take a look on that orc, freaking awesome! edit; seems like the range has grown, im even more excited!

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  1. Nice set of kickstarters listed here. Am heading for the Kingdom of Death one myself. I think the models hold something interesting in that they are so controversial.