Bloggernews #2: Strech Goals, Tanks and Brushs

Hello Painaholics and Bloggerfriends!

These are my second Bloggernews. You can find a link to the last and first one at the end of the post. at first i want so say some words about our withblogger Markus aka SK4TE. Here are his last works:

Markus decided to go inactive, because there so much other important construction sites in his life. He didn´t paint anything in the last month, and this maybe couldn´t change in the future. We wish all the best on your way and when you find more time to paint, you are welcome back every time! :)

Last week i lost some words about the awesome indiegogo project by the jungle monkeys Roman and Raffa. Since than they get more and more USD, so that we achieved a lot of new strech goals. For example: If you pay 35USD to get a monkey tramer, you recieve the art-book, bonus-books, special stickers and more for your money. I really recommend you to support the jungle brothers, because that´s an awesome deal!

The next thing goes at first to all tabletopers. On you can find a great tutorial. It shows a detailed and full-colored tutorial to paint three Leman Russ battle tanks at the same time. Martin, the founder of the very creative blog shows us his way to be all-time motivated to do a so huge project. But don´t miss the other stuff on his side. With the new member 'Bloodmaster', there are two talented artists at work ;)

Golden Demons:
Last weekend was the french Games Day. If you missed it, watch out THIS LINK. But two weeks ago, Markus wrote a cool review about the Games Day in Italy (here). At this day, i missed to recommend you the amazing blog by Volomir. He wrote a nice review about it too, and there are more very good pics from the contributions. But more interesting than this is his gallery. Volomir is a fantasic painter from spain. You have to see it!

Painting Mum:
Ana i a member of the Chest of Colors painting team. I love her colorfully and creativly way of painting! on the picture you see one of her works. I think that´s enough incentive to visit her blog ;)

Let´s go back to our local painters. "Hey there ladies and gentlemen; dear painters!" These are the welcome words of every post on Solmar 'Pinselwut'. Solmar is a very good painter with a clean and correct style from Hannover. I found a small, concisely comparison between W&N and Raphael brushs. It´s easy to read, and very usefully. But don´t leave the blog before you read the tutorial about NMM on a blade for the Wright King!

At these days, there is one GW-miniature all over to see. The Savege Orc. There are a lot of fine and good paintings, but one of them is my specially famous. The Savage Orc of Darkknight1980! For me it´s the incernation of a Wild Orc. The colors are beautyfully, and it isn´t the standard color like all the other Orcies. Watch out the link to seem it!

On the last weekend, i have the pleasure to metzap hod, Mister on the Painting Class from Georg Damm in Berlin. We had a lot of chats, and he recommended me not to miss the 14th November. The reveloution will start at this day! There are coming bis thinks! 

The most of you should know CrazyWenky. Three days ago, he started with his own Onlineshop. The shop has a lot of nice stuff for us Hobbynerds, and more over the half products are made in Germany. On the shopblog you can find some news about products and more. I hope the announced miniature-safe is so soon as possible on the way to my home ;)

What´s coming next in the dimension?
Of course   a lot WIPs and final projects.  Markus told me , his workbench is so full packed with stuff, and he could post every day some new pics. And we know, that his works are awesome! 
My part is to write a review about the very cool painting class of Georg Damm in Berlin. 
And suprise, suprise: WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER IN THE DIMENSION !!! But more information about it in the next days ;)

So on, i hope there are something new news for you, and don´t forget: If you want to see your blog in our bloggernews, send me an email to barfrau_at_5th-dimension_com!


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