5-th-dimension to go!

Hi paintaholics and mobile user!

Since now we have a comfortable version for mobile browsers!! 
Try it where ever you are: In the bus, in the metro or at waiting for it, take the time to check out the new 'Alien' stuff from Simon. The lecture from your prof is boring? Look at some awesome new WIPs from Markus with your mobile! Your are in the waitingroom of your dentist and your clacking afraid with your teeths, watch how Dellolyn use his tools to build his next socket or think about the beautiful ugly minis by SkelettetS.
It´s not an app, you can use it with your internet browser on your smartphones.
You can read all our news from the dimension with your mobile phone where ever you are! 


  1. Hey Bernd! Nein, du kannst einfach deinen Internet-Browser auf dem Smartphone verwenden. Allerdings haben wir schon gehört, das teilweise trotzdem das alte Format angezeigt wird. Wir arbeiten daran .... :)