Prepare sockel for transportation

Ok, after much travelling with my precious miniatures i realized i have to do something about the packing of them for transport, especially when there is a flight involved. So far it has just been lots of bubble plastic, foam and such stuff but that takes a lot of space in the hand lugage, and after all even if it soft the mini still lay down and more fragile things really risk to break. So, this is one way to make the packaging easier. hopefully! :)

What do you need?
* A sockel, plint or such... preferably NOT with a mini on it. this should be done before you glue your masterpiece on it as it might require some violence ;)
*A drill
*Allen key
* One "furniture plug", i bought mine at, direct link here , but i suspect there are lots of places where you can buy similar. 10 pieces of one euro, pretty cheap! the thing with the plug is that it has threads inside which make it able to fit a screw inside it.
*One screw, in this case it has to be M6 to fit the plug. i bought a pin type screw and a head that dont need a screwdriver to be loosen. i guess its no fun to realize you forgot the driver when you are supposed to unload the minis..

Step by step
As i am pretty much a perfectionist i have to mark out the center on the bottom of the sockel. I guess this is not really necessary but still...

Drill a Hole! i believed i used a 9,5 diameter drill in this case but its all depending on the furniture plug. at the top u used a larger drill so the plug can be sunken down a bit. important as i may not stand good otherwise.

 The plug is fitted in a allen key, just screw it in there!

 with the screw and "screw head". ill probably saw the pin type screw shown here in half using a metal saw as its a bit too long.
Now you can use whatever suitable box you find and just drill a hole in the bottom and fasten the sockel with the screw (the screw dont fasten too hard so it easily removed when unloading) i guess you could also drill hole in the shelves of you transportation box for a bulletproof transport, no tacky stuff involved!


  1. Very cool idea here! Bookmarking this tutorial.

  2. Now this is a really nice idea!