Iron Snake Champion - some WIPs

Hello everybody!

Here are some WIPs of my current paintjob. It´s a champion from the Iron Snake chapter and is based on the Forgeworld Games Day Model 2011. It´s a cool project, because i like the MkIII Boarding Marine very well. The Iron Snakes prefer to fight with hand weapons like spears and swords, and that was a good argument to convert the marine with the Javelin.

First version:

The new weapon:

The base: 

And here we have the current status:

If you want know more about the Iron Snake chapter, use this link to

So far as far, that´s it. Enjoy your day, and don´t forget: After mondays, there are other days ;)



  1. Nice work on this model Siggi! it is looking great.

  2. Thank you guys :)I hope finish him in the next days.