5th Dimension Workshop Review

Hey there Painteholics,

Finally it was Workshop Time. For the first time ever I did not participate in a Workshop but I organized, planned and held it. What a great experience it was, what a big step in my hobby life and what nice participants we had. Before I start to talk about the actual weekend let me take you behind the scenes and lets talk about the organizing process. The whole idea started after last years Games Day. I attended to several Workshops before and after winning Silver at The Golden Deamon Competition I finally felt ready to give Workshops on my own. 
I know some of you might think I shouldn't judge a painter by his awards but I needed this Win to "Feel ready" you know :) 


After this I prepared the Workshop Beamer Presentation. I wanted to show Step by Step how each technique works and soon we had a very strong 200+ site PDF. I then started to crop, decided to leave some things for another workshop and added other stuff here and there until the final presentation was finished. After I knew what kind of Stuff I will teach I started to fit everything into a time frame. The process following this was a kind of going back and forth between Workshop content and the given time frame to get the best out of it. After I finished I finally had my Workshop planned and ready to go……on paper!

Now I started to talk to our local Gaming Store. The Store Keeper is a longtime painter and eager to provide interesting Events to his customers. So we had an agreement pretty fast and I had a place to hold the first 5th Dimension Workshop. Beamer and all inclusive I was pretty happy with the decision :) 

After everything was planned I hit the internet and announced the Workshop in the major Tabletop and Painter Forums.
After some quite few days and weeks ( I now know I started the threads waaaay to early) first workshop participants began to enter. In the end we had 12 people participating in what was a very nice Kick-off Workshop. Time began to run and  "BLAM!!! "  Workshop weekend was just around the corner.


My Deluxe Workshop Participant Yann arrived on Friday afternoon and after a short build up and a nice chat we started to get the best out of the Necron Stalker. By Friday evening, Markus aka Malekith dropped by and we painted till the Necron Stalker just needed the final finish.
Since we would do the finish on the Nurgle Lord Sunday we would do the finish on the stalker there,too. The evening ended with a very personal round at a friends place where we all sat together, talked painting and miniatures, ate chinese food and played video games. 


After a short night it was finally Saturday and all the workshop painteholics arrived at the location. Quick Set Up of everyone's working place and ere we Go! We started with a quick introduction round, where everybody could say why he is here and what he wants to learn.  We took the miniature and after the assembly and cleaning work we primed the Nurgler and the painting started. 

During the workshop we painted the miniature part for part. The Painteholics learned every technique step by step. During the weekend we looked for techniques for leather, flesh with all its nuances, RMM, Wood, Hair and so much more. We even got a little surprise tutorial on NMM from Malekith. Evening came faster than expected and our little plastic miniatures became more and more colorful by the hour. Sleep Sleep Sleep….next day would be Finishing and effect time :)


On Sunday we learned a lot about creating effects like Slime, Blood, Waterfalls and stuff like this. I planned a big Q&A section so everybody could learn specifically what he wants. This way I could focus more on the individual painteholic :D We also finished some areas who needed the final touch and I showed some stuff about basing and sockets, creatings scenes, dynamics and angles. The Necron Stalker got his OSL Love and finally the Triarch Walker looked like the evil Necron machine it should be. Time began to run again and after a photo session with the miniatures and all the painteholics, the first 5th Dimension Workshop came to an end. 

After all I have to say it was a fun weekend for me  and I hope everybody went home happy. It was my first big Workshop as a teacher rather than a participant and it was a very good experience. I learned a lot this weekend,too and I am shure you will all benefit from this while I try to make the next 5th Dimension Workshop even better than the first one :) 

so long, See you all in the future :D


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