Workshop Preparations...

Hey there Painteholics,

So tomorrow the first official 5th Dimension Workshop is going down in Trier. Here you can see our final Workshop participants who will join us in this epic milestone of our blog. Those glorious heroes will tell their children they were there on this epic event. Ok enough drama ;) But honestly its our first time doing a Workshop in this scale. We planned a lot and hope we get everything together to give you the Workshop experience you are looking for. Probably not everything will go down as planned but we are shure everybody will go home happy.  :)

Here is the final List of Participants:

1.   Valentino
2    Overeducated Virgin
3.   Vigidy 
4.   Balthasar
5.   Arn
6.   Spielmann
7.   Spielmanns Frau
8.   Ulf Stephan
9.   Patrick Schweig 
10. Marco Aguiar 
11. Yann Greischer
12. Chefoberboss mullar *
13. Maze *
14. Ltcmdr bareik *
15. Clever Kid
16. Viviant *

* No Response / Decide Tomorrow 

I wont be alone since Markus decided to visit us from munich and join us in our wild painting session.
And he will do a little  "Secret Teaching Class" during the weekend. I am suprised like you what this will be and I am totally looking forward to this.

Tomorrow I will prepare the location and start our Deluxe Workshop with our Partcipant Yann. This will really be a intense Workshop since I really have the time to focus on Yann and his questions. Will be one hell of a fun day tomorrow. :)

so stay tuned and see you,


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