GD UK and the Chaos

Hello my friends!

At first a very good message from our swedish 5-th-member Stefan. He won silver for his WHF unit in England! I hope he find some words about it here, and give us some nice pictures from his paintjob ;)

Congratulation Stefan! You´re a good guy ;)

Here are some very nice links for more informations about the Games Day: (good and a lot of pictures) ('live' from the GD and more good links)

Thank you guys, for your great coverages!

There is one thing what i would like to share with you about the GD UK. Watch this video to consider the awesome work of the UK Games Day Slayer Sword winner Karol Rudyk. I wasn´t on the GD, but i think the decision is very fair.

In the last days there was a lot hustle and bustle about the new White Dwarf and the republications about Chaos in the WH 40.000 universe. I myself am not a big fan of all these stuff, but the models in the new starter box 'dark Vengeance' made a very good looking. But than came the other publications, and now  i´m furthermore not a big fan of it. But judge by yourself :)

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  1. You can see more high quality photos on my facebook site:
    Karol Rudyk Art.I will add there also tutorials of painting and building.

    Best Regards,
    Karol Rudyk