Art In Miniature

So, this weekend it was Gothenburgs own model show "Art in Miniature", i was really looking forward to this one but again murphy just had to intervene and put a large stick in my wheels. at saturday, i had no time but to hit and run check in my miniatures early in the morning so i could take care of jr, as the mrs was a co-organizer of a large tango event this weekend. ok i though, as i would have an hour or two next day to lurk around at the event. So, Sunday, i hit the tram 01:30 pm just to get an sms from ischa, "the ceremony is 2pm instead of 3pm". YAY. so, i arrived just to the announcing of the winners, and many of the contenders had already packed their models and shops were closing. seems like they had double booked the place where the event was held, so everything had to close one hour earlier than expected, in a hurry. d'oh!

to make a long story short - i missed the whole competition!!

there are some photos here for those interested, guess i have to take a look there myself. lots of lots of tanks and airplanes. really high standard what i could see.

Oh well, at least i got myself a nice deck of cards :)

Now, time to warm-up for UK GD next weekend.

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