15 years ago ...

... i started in the hobby. I think a lot of us find their way to the hobby about the cool boardgame 'Heroquest'. And those plastics were  my first minis i painted ever before. In the last days i found one of this wounderful piece of art :D

In the end of 1999 i did a long break with the hobby until two years ago. I found my way back with Warhammer 40k. But i knew fast, that it not was the game that i missed. I found all these great miniatures on CMON, gw-fanworld and after a while the way to www.das-bemalforum.de. At that latest, i knew that i want more to paint :) In october last year i visited my first workshop. It was one of these great Roman (www.massivevoodoo.blogspot.com) workshops. At this point i decided to quit the whole gaming, and focused all my hobby interests to the painting part. I learned so much new things in the last month, and had so much fun with my friends of the 5-th-diemension and last but not least all the other paintaholics that i met. Thank you gus for all that great time!

Okay guys, don´t be afraid. I´m feel well, and this is not a farewell letter or something like that^^ Actually i just wanted to show you a picture of my firts mini, following by my new fun project - an other Orc. But i thought it was a good time to found some words about my past, and say thanks to all of you ;)

Two days ago we had this small but fine paintjam with, Fabi, Sebastian and Sven. I wrote some words about it  two days ago here. At this evening i started to paint an oldschool WHF Blackorc. I like this mini, because for me he looks like an orc has to look like :) In these days i´m on a way to try a lot of other color combinations, and every time when i hold a brush, i try to  paint not on the way that i do it usally. I think it´s a good way to learn something new, and to go forward. I started this process with Muldo&Rose, and it´s a lot  of fun also :) So here is the Orc and an update from Muldo&Rose:

Muldo & and the lovley Rose:

So on guys, enjoy every minute with your brushs an have a nice Friday :)


  1. hah, i guess i should post a picture of some of my old hero quest minis :) love the muldo paint job, awesome!

  2. Hi Siggi,

    the Orc from HQ looks exact the same like my Mini which i painted several years ago. :)
    And you know what? I have still the HQ bordgame.
    Friends and i played that a couple of weeks ago. So much fun :D