The 5-th-dimension meets the Games Day!

Heyho Paintaholics!

Just a few days until an awesome weekend in Cologne. On this way i would like to call attention on some interesting things.

Do you like the awesome skins of Stefan "SkelettetS" Johnson? Than don´t miss his workshop at 11am !
Not convinced? Watch out his amazing minis on CMON

But Stefan isn't alone there. Take a look on the painting tables the whole day. I promise you it is no waste of time ;) For more informations about the nice worksshops, use this link to the GW site.

Almost all of us 5-th-dimension nerds are on the Games Day and of course participants of the Golden Demon. If you want to meet us, watch out for t-shirts with the bloglogo.

All of us are looking foward for a small chat with you and it´s nice to meet other paintaholics ;)

And last but not least don´t forget to take a look on the stunning Hive Fleet of Simon "Katan the Unleashed" in the army showcases! It is one thing to see photos in blogs, but another to see them live!

Cologne, the 5-th-dimension train is coming! :D


  1. Looking good, and hope you guys have a blast at the convention this weekend. Looking forward to your results and photos :)

  2. Cheers Siggi, dont forget the "bad english only please" on my shirt, lol!