Random stuff

Little menace and stepdaughter, one of the few nice summer days.Summer in Sweden has been really really tragic this year,  just rain rain rain. luckily i havent had any vaccation yet, hoping for better weather later as im off work a few weeks after cologne.
A part of my dads motorcycle collection, Monark is the shit! at least now we know where i got the urge to collect things from. More pictures of his stuff here! 
Image of rat progress, some things im happy with, some things not. no time to redo anything, finishing this to Games Day is going to be on a thread!
Work of art by a friend of mine Calle, exhibition! never met a person with a fetish for rusty metallic lumps before ;) he is also a great award winning tank miniature builder/painter as well as sculptor.
Well, back to work! ;)

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