Nagash - Lord over the Undead

So here one of my main projects for the Games Day Germany 2012. Its Nagash and I started to scuplt last year september after the workshop with badsmile (big thanks to you!).

Here are same pics in progress:

And here I primed him :).

And here I started the painting :).

The result ...

Big thanks for the great feedback at the Games Day!!!!
Special thanks to Matt for the nice feedback and I will remake some parts, also to Sascha I will repainted same parts :) and to one of the Hardy brothers for the nice feedback.

Nagash - Lord over the Undead
If you want to vote here is the cmon-link.

So I can only say its Nagash 1.0 and the next version follow ;).

Best Regards Markus


  1. First of all, I really like the sculpt you did. The miniature (not really mini) has an immediate impact on the viewer.

    As far as the paintjob is concerned, I think it is really good, but I also think it can be improved. Some areas (like the cloak/skirt) look very "airbrushy", with little to no detail lights or other eyecatchers.

    Looking forward to Nagash 2.0! :)

  2. you better cast nagash 2.0, id love to paint this guy as said. thumbs up!

  3. Yes a conversion-kit fot the nekrosphinx.

    It is really a fantastic piece! Great job!

  4. What material did you use on his robes ? It's Super Sculpey Firm or Procreate ?

  5. Thanks for the great feedback!
    @ Zaphod: Do you have any ideas to improve the paintjob? I will add some Freehands on the cloak.
    @ Anonymous: Yes for the robe I used Super Sculpey Firm.

  6. hi eine super arbeit,ich würde gerne ein paar infos zu arbeits details bekommen. ansonsten bist du sicher das es nicht lebt.....;))

    grüße Bernd

  7. Hi Bernd, danke für dein Feedback, Details hab ich hier in den beiden Foren dazu geschrieben. Bis jetzt hat er sich nicht bewegt :).

  8. Wirklich eine tolle Idee toll umgesetzt. Mir fehlt alles in allem etwas Licht. Ist aber meine persönliche meinung. Ich hätte wahrscheinlich die alte Krone abgesägt und dem Neuen verpasst.

    Gruß Florian