Games Day 2012 Part 1

hey there painteholics,

After some days of sleep here is the first part of our Games Day 2012 Series. What a weekend it was. While SkeletteS managed to get his hands on a trophy the rest of us came up short this year. But hey it was an awesome weekend anyways with lots of great conversations, fun and beer :) 

This year was kinda special for me because I got an invitation by Games Workshop to showcase my Hive Fleet Daggoth in the Gamers Showcase Area.  Therefor I was able to sneak into the Games Day Building one Day BEFORE the actual event and get some inside shots on the whole building process. 

This first Part will show you Games Day before Games Day. Empty halls, stressed GW workers standing in line at Forgeworld....strange :P

Finally all the Bugs are inside the showcase and ready for the event on Sunday. With exception of the Hierophant Bio Titan, the whole Hive Fleet daggoth was in attendance in cologne this year. It still grows and gets bigger year after year :D

Stay tuned for more Games Day coverage in the upcoming days and weeks. Part two will not only feature the Painters Dinner at the Maredo restaurant but the Games Day itself, photos of entries and much more. 


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