Long time no Read

Hey there painteholics,

I know its kind quite from my site of things but several real life stuff keeps me kinda busy atm. I got a real badass Virus infection and was in the hospital for some days. After this I thought I would be back on track again but in my holiday I got a call from the doctor who told me I got another Virus. Yay!
Making a long story pretty short: I am on my way to be 100% healed again but I am still pretty weak due to all the medication etc. I still hope I can attend Games Day in cologne and the doctors say I should be fine then.

Sadly I won't have half as many Golden Demon entries as I planned due to this virus crap. I try to finish up the nearly finished stuff but we will see what comes along in cologne.

After all this I have some nice stuff for you. Virus or not, I was on holidays two times in the last few months and here are some inspirational pictures for you :)

Oberjoch Bayern

Nordsee Port Zelande

Hope to get some more postings online soon,



  1. D'oh! virus infections suck! glad to hear youre back on track at least.

  2. damn, how have you come to oberjoch.
    that pretty close to my place. just tell me if you ever go there again.


  3. Hey there Harald,

    I was in holidays in oberjoch. I wanted to call you so we could meet but then I got really sick and had to stay in bed so i thought a meeting wouldn't work anyway. But I am shure i will be in the area again since my girlfriend often goes to Oberstdorf because she is a really good figure skater and likes to train in the big ice center in Oberstdorf.

    I will definitively give you a call next time :P