Golden Demon Work and Tyranids

hey there painteholics,

after being F***** up by nasty Virus bombs I need to get into the mix again. Because lets face it: Games Day is just around the corner and there are some unfinished projects going on. So here is a very very rare workbench photo during my GD painting session. I am not a fan of posting project pictures before GD so this will be once in a lifetime thing :P

What else, what else. I will be showcasing my entire Hive Fleet Daggoth at GD Germany this year. Here is a quick made Group shot picture of what awaits you. The Bio Titan will stay at home due to transportation issues.


  1. Quite the Tyranid force there.. and good luck at the GD!

  2. Thanks, and its still growing :P There are some big bugs not shown there cause they are wip. 3 more tervigons, flying Warriors etc all in the making :D