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Hey there painteholics,

Maybe you have heard about the rumors of the 6th edition of Warhammer 40.000. And since GW has pulled all the rulebooks from the stores and the website, rumors are running wild. It seems that we will see the so anticipated release of the next edition on June 23. GW released a teaser video which teases a big 40K release on this day. Ceck it out yourself:

I can't wait to see the next edition since I think 40K has become pretty dull and boring over the last years. We will see which changes will come. Feel free to hit the comment Button and tell us what you think about the release of the 6th edition and which changes you think need to come along with it.


Since you missed it: The first official 5th Dimension Workshop will take place from September 8th - 9th.
There are just a few places left so make shure to be part of history when the 5th Dimension invades Trier for a whole weekend of miniatures, brushes and fun! 

You can join via email at  katan.at.5-th-dimension.com or by checking out one of our threads on:


Yesterday I got a new showcase since my first one hasn't enough space to hold all the projects. My first showcase is now the "Work in Progress Storage" while the new showcase only shows finished models.

Here you see my old showcase with a ton of unfinished projects. You can spot some GD entries there but thats all I will say for now :D 


Simon aka Katan 

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