Well, another project is to an end, just a fancy front sign left. Unfortunately, due to real life issues, im not going to be able to travel to the Games Day in Germany this year. Boooo. So, these guys will be one of my entries for the UK version instead, which I hopefully can attend this year (fingers crossed)

Skellies are built more or less straight from the box, with a little pimping of a few bretonnia bits and etched brass, and are all painted strictly using a total of 10 pots of paint to keep a clear colour scheme to avoid my usual “a little of this, a little of that” chaos-schemes. Was aiming at a winter-night-sort of theme.  Too bad there in no such colour like midnight blue out there (wanna sell your pot – send me a PM!). a note to myself is to only paint monstrous infantry in the future though, these guys are pretty but I dig to paint bigger guys more.

Some WIP images of my in-progess toady duel project will posted soon, stay tuned!


  1. I said it often before but i say it again- I freak love your painting style. Give me 100 miniatures and I can tell exactly which ones are painted by you. Its awesome. So dark and unique :D

  2. Fantastic job, I love the snowy cradle and convinces them to see such work as yours.