Games Workshop's "Whats new Today" on June 21

hey there painteholics,

long time no read since studies and heavily fast painting projects are keeping me busy. As some of you might know I am not only a painter but a pretty passionate player as well. Since the 6th edition Warhammer 40.000 is just around the corner I am painting tyranids like crazy atm.

Todays blog entry from GWs   "Whats new Today" features not only my massive tyranid army but my other 40K armies as well. Chaos Renegades and Eldar Slaaneshi Cult are both shown in detail. Alongside all the pretty pictures are some comments by myself explaining my painting sheme, techniques and thoughts on these armies. Make shure to check it out HERE.



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  1. If GW knows that they are featuring a non GW-miniature on their blog?

    I mean this Doom of Malan'tai from "Troll Forged Miniatures". LOL³

    Nice job though!