First Toady wip

First WIP of the Toad, the tongue and the absence of the fly. Mmm salt, tasty… 

Okay, so ive started to work again, after almost a year at home parenting, dodging food and changing diapers. One of the things that’s great with the Swedish country is that you get the opportunity to stay home with your kid for so long time, even though if the salary isn’t that 'woaw' I think is an awesome thing. But now its back to the desk, which probably means lesser time for hobby (didn’t know I could have less time than before, but yeah. I could) and more time to make updates on this blog without having junior pulling my leg. Yay!

And of course now when I work I get more cash to spend on more minis I don’t have time to paint. Simple.

Anyway, picture of the base. more pictures comming soon, i just need to sand the sides of that bloody thing some more. Although the water was a success in total - airbubbles at the surface do not rock people!

Stay tuned!

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