Workshop Review

Heydihodidldidou Painting People out there :D

There was one more weekend full of painting. But not painting Minis or Bases or Childrengames like that ;) NO, painting Tanks, Tankmodels with Steel, Guns, Rust, Metal, heavy Chains, mor Metal, more Guns, Manlove and mor Metal.
Made by well known members Manu aka CrazyWenky and Vlado aka Vlado.

But let me start from the beginning on.

The weather was very hot when we started

So we had to get refreshing liquid to cool our brains to be open for all the new thing s we were about to learn

Before going on the road we sent an image to Vlado to show him how we are looknig forward to see him and Manu in a few hours.

And than driving, driving, driving and driving. 440 kilometers...but it was wort every centimeter.

I am a miniature painter, who paints about 300 Minis per year. I never thougt of painting tanks prfoessionally or spending time to learn the special technics of painting them. I did a lot of modelbuilding  years ago when I started doing this hobby. But way not profesional. So this workshop was for me more to meet my friends and spend some time to paint up my GoldenDemon Project, because there is no time in my house at the moment.

But something happened, I bought a tankmodel today...I am absolutely amazed of their workshop and there skills. They were showing sooo much stuff, technics and material.

So let me show you some pics from the workshop:


We had an amazing weekend, meeting new people, learning veryvery much new technics and ways to use them, and just having fun all time.

Be sure to take the chance and take part on one of their next workshops. Its worth everything:)

Greetz The Artfist


  1. Sounds like a blast. I know the techniques aren't all that difficult, its just a few extra steps. It's when you do it on such a large number of minis, it just feels so daunting.

  2. Thank you for your review Julius :D it was nice to see you and Markus again

  3. Indeed.. sounds like you had a great time, and learned a lot! And 440km is nothing to drive when it comes to hobby related activities. I drive that for a game or 2 at times or more! ;)

  4. Go for it Julius... wreck a ship! I'll really love to see your interpretation of the photo in our handouts :)

    It was so nice to learn to know the real persons behind those nicnames SSBN and TheArtfist. the way... thanks for sharing the refreshing liquid.

  5. War schön euch beide dabei zu haben und wieder einmal zu sehen. :-)