Inspiration - Salamanders Cybot: Part 1

At the moment I have two very nice sites of insprations.
Jon Sullivan have so great artworks and his artworks motivate me to paint a new 40k miniature :).
The other one is from Bohun with his nice light reflexions. And here I started to paint my one version of this nice effect :).


  1. Absolutely awesome - I say Tutorial !! :)

  2. a small update:

    The Siege of Castellax (Iron Warriors vs. Greenskins)

  3. Some more colors, and i love the bot ;)

    @Ultracius: WOW! Awesome artworks, so much inspring! I would like to wirte a post with one of these amazing pictures, and of course a link to the blog. Do you think it is okay?

  4. @Siggi

    all 40k artworks by jon

    a special post for these artworks would be no problem in my opinion
    (GW with their IP policy maybe) - jon is the owner of these images

  5. @ Katan: Thanks, for a tutorial is it to early.
    @ Siggi: I will add more colours, but this is a job for the finishing :).