Eldar on Games Workshop.com "Blast from the Past"

Hey there painteholics,

There is a lot email shooting between me and Dan Harden from Games Workshop's "Whats new today" at the moment. After my Golden Deamon projects and some Necron OSL now my weathered Eldar Tanks can be seen over there. Included is an easy Tutorial to achieve the same results I did. Try it out and let me hear what you think. I would be happy if you could send me some pictures if my Tutorial gave you the inspiration to take on some weathering yourself.  :) I will post them here if you like.


  1. Hi!I was inspired by your painted Eldar vehicles long before they appeared on GW site.I spotted them on CMON and I wanted to achive similar effect on my Dark Eldar vehicles.More or less I managed to do this, here are the links:
    Enjoy.Cheers :)

  2. Wow Dude they look awesome :) Nice to see that all the Tutorial work we've done is getting used out there. Do you mind if I post your pictures on the blog and write a little article about them?

  3. Be my guest :) I'll be very happy if you do such thing.There is also a Venom I painted this way and some WIP Raiders in case you need more pictures.

  4. Hey Gegru! I like your clean and style in combination with the weathering. Looks very cool :)

  5. Hey Siggi!Thank you,I'm trying to keep these weathering effects simple but effecive and not to overdo them on my models.After all even modern tanks are not that weathered :).I'm very glad that you like my work :).