The Egg from Space

Heyho folks!

Maybe you noticed the funny Easter Egg competition on Massive Voodoo. I would like to quote Roman aka jar to explain it:
"Get yourself a chickens egg.
Create something with a chickens egg, like a Diorama with Miniatures or just paint your egg.
Everything is allowed but it must be a blown one and only chicken seized eggs, no dinosaur eggs."

It is an awesome creative and amusing and competition, and it is a MUST DO for me, to participate on it!
It was so much fun to do this project. At first i crashed an egg! After hard work to blow out the new one, it was done. The base was built with 'Polstyrol', The pimples on the egg are made with liquid Greenstuff, and our guy is from Hasslefree Miniatures and you can find him HERE. I really like the Hasslefree Minis, they are so funny and have a very convincing expression. The hardest part was the 'egg-blending'. I had a lot of problems with these huge surfaces. There is no really smooth blending, but the egg is from space - maybe they don't have any blendings :p

The Story:
The 'nerdy guy' walks around the streets, to visit his favourite comic shop. He loves science fiction stuff, and he believes in Aliens, ET´s, Jedis the x-files and many more! On this lovley day he gets his proof. As he wants to cross the street, an egg from space is landing on the street. The guy is wondering what is in the egg, and is suprised why the vistors from space risked to recieve a ticket for wrong parking?!

I believe!

Do you believe ?!

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  1. I love it :D But you missed out on one thing. The Shirt go the guy should say: Ei believe :P