Phlegyas Art :)

Heyho Paintaholics,

as I wrote in the post before, there is no time for painting. But I got some new Minis for you and I want to show them to you, becaus they are really amazing. So you will see some resinkits of our blogpartner

First there is Old Fashion Celolita.
You can buy all the Phlygeasart Minis in a special box, and it`s really worth it. It is a very cool Wooden Box. So enjoy the pics :)

The sculpting of the mini is absolutely amazing. Very fine and nice Details everywhere. Super fine cast without any line. Just glue and paint :) Absolutely worth the money.

Next one is the Son of an Achab.
A really nice Mini with also veryvery much Details. You will find something new everytime you watch it :)

A real joy:) I really look forward to paint this one :)

And the last one is the BABY BUST

This little bust had an absolute amazing start. With a competition it came to us. And the winners are really good. So the baby bust has a face and a name now :)

And the resinpics for you :)

And one last thing for you. Just a preview for the moment. More soon :)

Greetz The Artfist

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