My personal paradise and what happens at the moment

Hey paintfriends,

this time I`m not writing something about the hobby, because there is no time for me at the moment. I haven`t touched a brush for over three weeks now, and I really miss my colors and my work. But at the moment I am working on the biggest project I have ever made. I try to give my small familiy a home. Much work and much time. But it defenitly will be worth it. So let me show you some pics of the small village we are renovating a house. It is the village I grew up myself, and I love it. So it`s a big gift for me that I got the chance to give my son the same home as my parents gave me.

 This is the house in which I grew up
 I was working on this farm since I was 12 years old :) Always for fun
 This alley goes straight to our 30 souls village

 There is an old castle too
 much weathering inspiration on an old house where noone lives inside anymore

 the red one at the left side is the new home of my family
 from the outside it will get a new colour while the year 2012, but its still more important work at the inside ;)

 Thats what my working room looks like at the moment ;)
and the best thing in the house is the view from my wife`s office. straight into the castle`s garden.

Why am I showing all this to you?
It`s bacause I am so happy and thankful to get a chance like this. Because I want to say thank you to all the people who helped me and my family renovating the house. But the most important thing is, I want to tell you, never stop dreaming your dreams. If you work hard and do what ever you can, you can have everything you want. Never forget your dreams. Not even one is impossible.

Greets The Artfist


  1. Sehr geil :D Gratulation! Wird noch ein haufen Arbeit kosten ^^

  2. Wow, that looks awesome!
    Location, location, location - I love it :-)

  3. Good luck mate! This is a great project! I am sure it will be beautiful - because it already is!

  4. Lucky Boy. This house is a dream. Your son will grow up in a land of fantasy and inspiration. Which you a great time in the house and with your family in this place of beautiful fields, old houses and woods.
    Go ahead and do not hasitat to push back your habby for some weeks or months.