Hydracast Blog Online

Hey there painteholics,

I just wanted to inform you that the Hydracast range is finally represented in the web. Ceck out the new blog with all the informations, pictures and feel free to comment, ask, suggest etc :P

The painted Hive Lord and Drop Spore pictures are already featured and the Mother of the Brood will be updated as a soon as I finish the model.



  1. Nice added his site to my blog list...

    But I wonder how long it will take until he gets the famous cease and desist mail from England... Not for the spore, but for the mama...

  2. Simon, thank you for the post about me:)

    To Zaphod: here in Russia we have different laws about IT. Any way, it is only Mother of Brood, abstract and non-tournament mini in 28mm scale. It just can be used like Tervigon, or like another creature for any tabletop game. And like all the minis in my blog. But, maybe, I must completely remove from my blog all the GW names. Will see:)

  3. I would definitively remove GW names but if you don't call it Tervigon there isn't much they can do about it. Chapterhouse got sued because they used the names. :P

  4. But Chapterhouse still uses GW names:)
    And, Russia have another laws. European laws dont have full powers here.
    Well, I dont name my figures with GW names:) I just suggest, that customers can use my minis, for example, like Tervigone or Malantai, if you understand what I mean ;-)