Desktops and more

Hey folks!

It´s quitly in the 5-th-dimension in the last days. There are some reasons for these things. For some members starts a new hard semester in the university - u know, student life is not easy :D, some guys get a new home for himself and his family (watch THIS), the 'Herzog von Bayern' is near and one big problem is good weather outside that sometimes appeared. But no worries, nothing is changed. We will give the same heart, blood and paint our loved Blog!

I´m one of the guys, how has no time for the hobby, because i´m very busy with a new semester in the University (btw, i´m an ordinary student in business administarion ;) ) and a lot of work to pay the studies. But last week, my girlfriend and i, make some restructerings in our apartment and now have the pleasure to have m own workbench :) There is enough space for colors, tools, brushes, other tools, bits, basing stuff, miniatures, WIPs, and, and, and... !! I´m very lucky about that. And here it is:

The first thing on this awesome new desktop, was to built a base. It looks overloaded, and without any backround or theme. And it is what it is. I did this base to try some ney things in basing, and after it gets primed, i will try some new paintstuff. Maybe painting with oil, pigments, or what ever i need :)

Maybe you notice the MV´s Easter Season Contest. If not check out THIS LINK. I would like to quote Roman aka jar to explain the rules in some small words:

"Get yourself a chickens egg.
Create something with a chickens egg, like a Diorama with Miniatures or just paint your egg.
Everything is allowed but it must be a blown one and only chicken seized eggs, no dinosaur eggs..."

The idea sounds very funny, and i MUST partictipate on this event. It´s a chance to create some funny stuff and to blow out the first egg in my life (without my childhood ;) )
On the next picture, ou can see a small teaser of my Easter project:

Have a good week, and enjoy your paintings!


  1. Nice set up.. though I keep seeing this huge green cutting/painting mat, but can never seem to find it online. Where did you get it?

    Good luck with the new base, and working with oils. Should be fun!

  2. @ Mr.Lee: The cutting maps are available for example from the German Producer "Ecobra". You can find different cutting maps here:

  3. is one possibility. Here you can find another ones: