Dark Elf Witch

My target was to use only small choice of colors. Another goal was to make a good skin and hairs. The OSL should be a little glow. My target was that the witch steal the energy from the staff with the right hand and than she give off with the left hand :). I hope you can see the venis on the left arm that should be represent the effort.

The pics are not the best but it was the best I have made :).

I hope you like it :). 

If you want you can vote on cmon :).  

1 comment:

  1. First of all - I really like the mini. It is one of the best new models from GW imo.
    The base is simple, but as such fits the mini very well.
    The skin seems a little flat, even for a slender female figure, the cloth and the freehands look great.