Tyranids, Tyranids and more Tyranids!

Hey there painteholics,

Today I bring you some old stuff, some new stuff and a little wrap up regarding my beloved alien races - the Tyranids. While many members of our tyranid related forum warpshadow were in cryosleep for the last two years, more and more of them are hearing the signals of the hive mind again and start breeding.
So guys like Moloch, Hydra, Mr. Pink and others are more and more into Tyranids again and its time to look what their legacy is build of. Mr Pink also did a great article about the evolution of the tyranid model range since first edition. So here are a few links to educate newer Tyranid players about two of the most famous Hive Fleets in the web and show them some of the craziest conversion from these three artists.
So here are a few links definitively worth to check out:

Hive Fleet you should have seen:
Hive Fleet Moloch Part I
Hive Fleet Moloch Part II
Hive Fleet Hydra
Hive Fleet Fenrir

Evolution of the Alien. Tyranids since first edition until today:
1. Generation
2. Generation (1995)
3. Generation (2001)
4. Generation (2005)
5. Generation (2010 - current edition)
6. Generation (??? - What will be next?)

But thats not all I have for you today. I found a pretty cool Tyranid paint sheme in the web last night. Its from an artist called ThirdEyeNuke and I will link his flickr account later on. I love his sheme so much because its pretty simple to paint ( you mostly work with white primer, black, sepia ink and Tamiya Clear Red) and it looks so stunning, so realistic, so freak good that I had to show you this:

You can view his works and projects in his flickr portfolio. His stuff is also featured in Games Workshops "Whats new today" segment.


  1. Sir!
    Thanks for the linking! Can I recommend the following link for Hive Fleet Fenrir as it is better work than my randomly assorted WS Gallery?


    If you get a chance, you should contribute your thoughts to the end of the Generation ??? in the comments >:)

    Finally, That colour scheme is AMAZING! Thanks for linking to it!

  2. Hey there,

    I changed the link. I will see what I can contribute but you did a pretty good job on these articles. There isn't that much to say left.

    I am totally loving the color sheme. I will paint a little fleet in this sheme tonight for ebay since I just want to ry this out ;D

  3. Really amazing painsceme, I like the alienlike look of the glossy black. Those Tyranids are awesome.

  4. Hey, Big Thanks for showing and liking my work :)