Stefan Rath aka 'derwish' Painting Class in Munich

Hey folks!

After one hard week of work, i´m back in Berlin and now it´s time to write some words about the amazing painting class from Stefan Rath last weekend in Munich. I´m arrived one day before on thursday. Our blog member Markus 'Malekith' organized the location for the whole weekend, and also a one day before painting event. By the way, thank you Markus for your great organization and babysitting us all for the whole weekend!
The 'Vorabendmalen' evening for me, was more a meeting with other paintaholics and to much delicious bavarian beer - without any painting :)

On friday we started with a chilling BBQ session. We began with some small theory parts about colour contrasts, lightning and co, also Stefan gave us the workshop mini with a nice 'Bemalamatur'. The apparatus allows the painter to hold the mini under the feeds and over the head, without any contact to the miniature. It´s also possible to move the handle bar around the mini in any direction. It works very good, and the handling is amazing.

For the most of us it was new, to start painting the mini beginning with the eyes. We work from the inside to the outside. Stefan told us his way, to do some blendings. He has a totally diffrent style, it´s very 'clean' and properly. I like the style, but i don´t know how he can handle the tiny paint splashes on his small wet palett. :D

We did´nt stop the painting in the evening, and i think the last of us gone to bed after 4 o'clock in the morning.
After a short night we started on Saturday with some theory parts. But the main focus was on painting. Stefan tooks a lot of time to everybody, and talked with each of us what we can do better, whats good and he propose what is the best way for the future. Thanks Stefan for this intensive support to each of us! It was a long day again, with so much fun and a lot of happy painting.
On our last day, we spent the whole time to freehands. We got some plain banner and a second easy but genuis apparatus from Stefan, to paint the banner. A small round cardboard with some tape on it. With small parts of 'Patafix' you can fix the banner on it, and now it's easy to handle while ou paint it. He showed us his way to paint freehands. I think before the workshop, the most of us are afraid about freehands. But at the end of the painting class, there think better about it ;)

At first, thanks to Stefan! It was an amazing weekend. You showed me an other way to painting minis. And i like your way. Now it´s my turn to find my own style, and combine it with my previous knowledge. I want to suggest to everyone: GO TO THE PAINTING CLASS!
Thanks to Markus for your great organization. I hope we can paint soon again together with one or two Teggernseer ;)
And last but not least, thak to all for this great weekend in munich. I saw old friends, and met so much more new!

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