Spring comes....old Style goes!

Hey there fellow painteholics,

The weather outside is just awesome, a fresh air is blowing thtrough the streets and so our blog gets an all new look aswell. Markus and myself discussed the new layout for the last months and finally we get things going. Beside the new style we have some new features, finally a drop-down menu and big plans for the future.

- As our tutorial section is growing we get more and more new categories online. Using the drop-down menu you can select which section you want to learn from and sont have to slide to the whole tutorial list to find what you're looking for.

- The artists of 5th Dimension can be looked up in the About section. Just select the prson you want to know more about and click on his user name in the drop-down menu. You can also click on the persons avatar miniature in the header if you can figure out who is who :P

- Most of our artists have a CoolMiniOrNot Gallery. You can look out for their works and projects in the Gallery section.

- The Hall of Fame ist still empty but we will update this section with our award winning miniatures in the near future. Golden Demon, Golden Angel, Duke of Bavaria. Malmö Sweden and many more painting contest will be featured.

-The FAQ section will feature common questions about our blog etc. Its still work in progress but I am shure we will see content soon.

- The all new Workshop section will keep you updated on upcomming 5th Dimension workshops. Make shure to look in once in a while to see if there is a 5th Dimension Workshop near your area.


  1. Well over here the weather still looks more like autumn... not cold but foggy.

    Congrats with the new design, I like it a lot!


  2. Yea, its amazing that it was -10c only a few weeks ago here in Munich, now everyone is outside in the sunshine :)