Hydracast Miniatures finished!

Hey there painteholics,

Long time no read from my side. But I haven't been lazy and finished some staff for customers, for myself and started with some new stuff. But today I want to show you two Miniatures I did for Hydracast Miniatures. As you might remember I talked to Sergey from Hydracast and painted some of his awesome Miniatures. Here are the first two Critters I finished in the last Days:

The Hive Lord

Here you can also vote on CMON

Spore Drop Pod

I really like the Hydracast stuff. I also made some pics of the unpacked Miniatures. To be complete I will show you the Shop Pictures aswell. I love the resin quality with nearly no air bubbles and good details :)

If you like to contact Sergey you can do this via email: Sergey Kopilov at hydracast@gmail.com
Stay tuned for a future collaboration between the 5th Dimension and Hydracast Miniatures :P



  1. Hello there. Is there a shop link to get these magnificent minis?


  2. Hi there,

    not yet but you can ask Sergey via email. He sells his stuff via email atm only. Write to hydracast@gmail.com