The Great Devourer is coming...

Aloah Painteholics,

I finally got my hands on the new tyranid boxes. I picked up 2 Tervigon and 2 Hive Tyrat Boxes today and had a great day in the hobby with all its nerdy aspects.  I managed to open a thread about my Hive Fleet in two german forums. Here are the links to Hive Fleet Daggoth on GW-Fanworld and Tabletopwelt. I also got contacted by the Tabletop Insider...we will see what the future brings :P

And here just for you I give you Katan in the Tyranid Fanboy Mode. Today I told my Girlfriend I would go nerding and thats exactly what i did xD (Tyranidish Greets to

And last but not least some cool pics I took while nerding today. Isn't that a nicely painted Space Marine? 

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